The Bad Luck Princess Chronicles

Book 1: The Girl and the Shaman (working Title)

Following the life of a young woman in the desert who has never fit in, because her skin and eyes are the wrong color. She struggles to find ways to survive as an outsider, discovering the way of the Shaman, but is this her true calling or will fate bring her something far beyond her dreams in the land where she was born?

Book 2: The Crow (working Title)

Zilla has come far in her training, once a shaman for the desert people and now a knight in a land she still struggles to understand. She has unleashed a terrible evil from the desert and now she must face it. Will she be able to conquer her nightmare?

Book 3: The girl and the jag (working Title)

A bard historian is born, but through a terrible twist of fate her tribe is torn apart as raiders catch and sell them into the slave trade. As a bard she has high value and finds herself on a different path than the others. She finds that her fate might be bigger than she has ever imagined it as she brings the old magic to a new land and perhaps with the right allies, she and they can finally bring an evil slave trade to an end.



She has spent her life running from monsters in an apocalyptic world. When Rorie encounters Gen what she thought she knew is ripped apart. Caring for people who will just die on you isn’t worth it. Despite her better judgement after years of running alone she takes a chance on a friend in hopes of finding a better place in a torn down world. Can new friendships survive against the end of the world?


Wings of the Heart

Philly has spent her whole life flying old planes. In a world full of world war II planes and aliens, she is a half breed trying to survive. On the wrong side of the border she is nothing more than bait for the aliens or worse. When she finally manages to escape her life as a slave, she finds the world has more to offer including friends, but also more danger than she could ever have imagined. Set in post-apocalyptic Arizona, a rag-tag crew learns to trust each and challenge a dark world trying to create a beacon of light, but will that light be snuffed out too soon?