It’s official. Beastia is now available for purchase as an ebook and a paperback at the Amazon website.

So far I have some good reviews on Beastia in Goodreads:

Courtney said, “Beastia by Zoe Cruz is a fast paced, dark and twisted YA thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!”

D.M. also said, “It’s a story of finding your way in the world and seeing your inner beauty. I was hoping for the Disney fantasy ending, but I guess I don’t live in the real world. This book does have the happy ever after and a good moral fibre.”

It was great fun writing this book and I’m so excited to see it released along side the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, which by the way is much more amazing. Emma Watson and so many others did a great job!

My opinion was featured in a Bustle article on Belle and Beast’s relationship in the 1991 Disney movie:

“We have a strong, intelligent, and kind heroine in Belle, who essentially falls in love with a man who looks like an animal, imprisoned her father for trespassing, kept her prisoner for months on end, and he frequently throws tantrums of rage when he doesn’t get what he wants and tears up un-living furniture when his closest friends are furniture,” Cruz says. “He basically has lived in a place of anger and self-pity for 10 years.”

I’m glad to see a change in the story arch of Beast as not a man of anger, but a man who has forgotten he is a man temporarily until Belle walks into his life. It’s quite a charming movie.

This in so many ways follows the heart of my book Beastia. Bek has long hid who she truly is by being a bully and when she becomes Beastia, she hides even more. She thinks she has become a monster. It isn’t until Will comes into her life that her perspective truly begins to change.

All the while a madman sets to finish what he began.



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